About me

I was born in 1987 in a small village in Piedmont (IT), and since my childhood I have always been attracted by science and technological stuff.

Because of this, later on in life I graduated in medicinal chemistry and got a PhD in the same field. The best opportunities I had during my academic career were:

  • working in a higly collaborative environment within a european consortium of small and medium biopharmaceutical enterprises;
  • working abroad, first at the University of Copenhagen (DK), and then at The Scripps Research Institute, headquartered in San Diego (CA)

Then I moved from the academia to the industry, I took a specialization in pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and since 2016 I’m working in Switzerland.

For more information about my professional background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

This blog

The aim of this blog is to collect and share ideas and projects related to my hobbies, that I’ve been carrying out since the past years with the patient collaboration of Francesca, my woderful fiancee.

The main topics of this blog are:

  • Homebrewing. An hobby that brings together all my fields of interest: chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, information technology, DIY… and friends!
  • Cyber Security. Nowadays IT is everywhere in our life, and extra-safety is a must. Although I’m not a professionist, I’d like to share my personal considerations and strategies;

Minor topics of my blog are food and grilling, reports of my hikes and treks, and other DIY projects.